In 1995, a documentary on the effectiveness of " Gamat" at Langkawi Island and how it helped to heal various kind of diseases was aired on TV3. On the same day at 8.30 am another program called "Moving On" from the same TV station also focused on "Gamat", and how the research was conducted by Prof. Dr. Hassan Yaacob from the Medical Faculty of University Malaya.
"I am fascinated with the information and hope these products will be in the market soon. And in October 1998, I had the chance to meet a sales representative who came to my place at Bintulu, Sarawak to sell gamat-based product called, HEALIN. He explained to me the goodness and effectiveness of "gamat" in healing various chronic diseases such as diabetics. Coincidentally I had a friend who suffered from the disease and within three months he had to amputate his legs three times to stop the spreading disease at the Bintulu Hospital. And because of his worsening wounds he had to undergo another operation to amputate from his ankle point," quoted Mr. Huong Kai Chin who did not want to reveal the identity of his friend.
Because of the challenge that he had from the sales representative. Mr.Kai Chin invited him to his friend house. In the opinion of the sales representative after observing the wounds on the patient. It was not critical and still curable on condition that he should consume Gamat Jelly regularly.
"To prove that Gamat Jelly is able to cure my friend's illness, I took a photo of his wounds. Amazingly after ten days of consistant consumption of Gamat Jelly, his wounds was cured completely and sugar content in his blood stabilized. And today my friend is able to walk and work again." said Mr. Kei Chin.
After witnessing the wonders and effectiveness of Gamat Jelly, Mr Kai Chin recommended the product to another friend of his who was suffering from skin disease. He suffered from prolong itchiness from head to toe. After consuming Gamat Jelly the serious infection was gone and so did his wounds. Through my observation youth had faster chance of healing compared to the older generation" he quoted.
Through my experience, gamat is a gift from God to Dr. Hassan. He was the first scientist who revealed the wonders of "Gamat". He could be awarded the Noble Prize for his discovery if he is in Europe." praised Mr. Kai Chin of Dr. Hassan.
Nevertheless, to Mr. Kai Chin's concern, gamat will be extinct one day and it will be difficult to produce the products found in the market today. He hopes that the relevant ministry departments would assist Dr. Hassan Yaacob in his effort to maintain the "gamat" species from extinction.
"I understand that the Ministry of Science, technology and Environment has taken efforts to sponsor University of Malaya to conduct a through research on the "gamat".
"I am pleased to know that all efforts are taken to prevent the extinction of "gamat" I hope this species will continue to live in our country." Said Mr. Kai Chin.

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